Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Like A Magnet

I can't help but follow up Friday's blog about the Macedonian call. I encouraged you (and me!) to heed God's call. Sometimes it's not easy to know what that looks like.

I thought about that today. How many times had I heard or read someone's testimony: “I know God wanted me to talk to that person.” And they proceeded to share the gospel and met a need or introduced the person to the Lord. I've never been very good at just jumping in and starting a serious conversation with total strangers, and there have been times when I thought, “Should I say something or not?” Afterwards I wondered, did I miss God's call? How does one know God is telling you to talk to someone?

I think I finally know. My church is having revival services next week, and we have some flyers to hand out. That's still out of my comfort zone, but it's much easier to walk up to someone and hand them something than to feel obligated to start a conversation. Still, I haven't been as enthusiastic about it as I should be.

Yesterday I was pulling in to a gas pump and saw a man standing off to the side with a sign: “Homeless. Family will work for food.” I always wish I could do more to help someone like that. I know some of them are scam artists, but others are genuinely victims of circumstances beyond their control and need a hand up. I thought about him the whole time I was pumping gas. I only had about 80 cents in my wallet. That wasn't enough to buy anything to eat or drink. What could I do for him?

As I got back in my car and turned the key, I knew I had to stop. I had no choice. I was like a piece of steel being drawn by a magnet. I pulled around the corner and walked over to the man and poured my change into his hand. Then I noticed the word “family” on his sign. I asked him if he had children in the school system. As part of our revival services, we were giving away school supplies. I went back to the car and gave him a flyer. I invited him to church Sunday to get a free meal and school supplies.
I drove away knowing God had told me to talk to that man.
Will he and his family come to church Sunday? Maybe, maybe not. That's not my job. The Holy Spirit will work in his heart, and then it will be the man's choice to listen or not. My job was to respond to God's call.

What does that call look like? This is just one of ways He speaks to us. Trust me, when you feel the pull of that magnet, you'll know God is calling. All you have to do is respond.

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